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Veteran Roasters Coffee: Founded to Help

There are over 162,000 chronically homeless veterans in the United States. Veteran Roasters Coffee was established with the mission to combat chronic unemployment in the veteran community.  We started a company that could provide individual growth and provide a skill and opportunity in the growing coffee industry. 

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Masks of Honor: Helping Keep Us Safe!

Rags of Honor rolls out these patriotic mission-driven masks in the time of COVID-19. Rags of Honor is the t-shirt & apparel company founded by Mark Doyle in Chicago, dedicated to hiring homeless and at-risk veterans and providing a full living wage. Masks of Honor is our latest effort to help protect citizens while also keeping our veterans employed and whole in these challenging times.

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RnR Brews: Brewing great Beer and Hiring At-Risk Veterans

Thanks to Joe Maddon's support and compassion, we went from Concept to Can in just 6 months!

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