Who We Are

Rags of Honor Brands brings together Rags of Honor apparel, Veteran Roasters Coffee, and CardShark. Our mission is to empower veterans through the principles of quality, impact, and perseverance. With every purchase, our customers contribute to the impactful change we make in veterans’ lives. By uniting under the Rags of Honor banner, we strengthen our collective commitment to honor and support those who have served our country. 

Our Family of Brands

We provide top-quality products and services that embody the leadership and resilience demonstrated by our veterans.

Rags of Honor Apparel

Rags of Honor produces high-quality apparel while providing employment opportunities for unhoused and at-risk veterans. 

After witnessing firsthand the sacrifice of servicemen and women in Afghanistan, Mark Doyle founded Rags of Honor around the belief that all unhoused veterans can regain stable lives with the dignity of a good-paying job as a starting point. Today, Rags of Honor, located in Chicago, is the only silkscreen shop 100% operated by formerly unhoused and unemployed veterans.

At Rags of Honor, we pay a living wage, offer continuing education and training, and help our veterans with life skills that they need to continue their life’s journey with dignity and independence. All Rags of Honor proceeds directly support the employment of and assistance for unhoused veterans. 

Look good and feel good, knowing that your purchase helped make a difference in the never-ending fight against this crisis. They had our backs, let's keep the shirts on theirs.

Veteran Roasters Coffee

Veteran Roasters Coffee was founded in 2017 by veterans with a mission to provide fellow veterans with meaningful employment opportunities. Every purchase of Veteran Roasters coffee helps provide a job opportunity to an at-risk Veteran.

Why Coffee?

Veteran Roasters CEO Branden Marty, a former helicopter pilot and Navy veteran, and his partners believed that the rapidly growing craft coffee roasting community was the perfect industry to provide job opportunities for veterans.

Our veteran coffee roasters are trained by some of the best coffee roasters in the Chicago area. They source premium beans from around the world and skillfully roast them to perfection, creating exceptional coffee blends that satisfy even the most discerning palates. Beyond the art of coffee-making, Veteran Roasters’ primary focus has always been to offer veterans a chance to reintegrate into civilian life by providing them with training, job opportunities, and – most importantly – a supportive community.


The CardShark is the world's first military-grade carbon fiber phone case with integrated card holding capabilities.

Our dedication to crafting durable, innovative, and stylish phone cases has earned us a loyal customer base. Our commitment, however, goes beyond convenience and protection. Our mission is to support the local community with our products. 

We donate 10% of our proceeds to Rags of Honor 1, a charity that helps fight veteran homelessness. All CardShark products are packaged and shipped out of the Rags of Honor facility in Chicago, IL.

Rags of Honor 1

Rags of Honor 1 (or Rags 1)  is the nonprofit arm of the Rags of Honor brands. A registered 501(c)(3), Rags 1 provides micro grants to veterans for everything from security deposits and rent to groceries and transit passes. These micro grants are the building blocks for a smooth transition back to civilian life.

Rags 1 also provides funding for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder to undergo a life-changing procedure called Stellate Ganglion Block, which helps to cure PTSD. Although proven to be 88% effective for providing relief to veterans suffering with PTSD, the procedure is not currently covered by insurance or the VA, so Rags 1 has made it a cornerstone of its support for veterans.

The strength of Rags 1 lies in its ability to provide low-overhead, high-volume assistance to veterans in need.  As a nonprofit with NO PAID STAFF, no executive director, no rent, and no operating expenses beyond the annual Jump for Vets event, Rags of Honor 1 directs 100% of the funds raised to serving veterans.

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